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Health Coaching

Herbs are truly holistic medicine and can also provide nutrition for the body. They are effective, they are gentle and they work!

Perhaps you have tried an herb and found that it didn’t work. One size does not fit all. Everybody is different.

Herbalist, Judy Henry will listen as you discuss your health issues and concerns. Focus will be on getting to the root of the issue. Recommendations are made with your body and body type in mind. These may include herbs, healthful nutrition and/or life style change.

Together, you and Judy will come up with a plan especially for you. Be heard and be a part of your own healing. Book your private herbal consultation today and step onto the path to a happier, healthier Self.


About Judy Henry

Judy Henry is a gifted health practitioner who would be honoured to help you with your health challenges. She has been studying about herbs and holistic medicine since 1986 and has many tools to help with healing. She has studied with many of the great herbalists of our time: Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood, David Winston, Christopher Hobbs, William Lesassier and many more. Judy lives together with the plants at her herb farm on 24-acres of diverse land in the Ottawa Valley.

Judy has a deep and intimate relationship with the plants. She lovingly grows, harvests with honour, does wildcrafting and makes spirited full spectrum medicines for her patients including custom formulas.


Why See a Herbal Practictioner

While there is much information available about herbs, it is not always accurate or complete. Newspaper and magazine articles are written by journalists with no herbal training. The person behind the counter at the health food store has had minimal training on herbs, if any. Even naturopaths don’t have complete training in herbal medicine.

It takes years and years of training with plant medicine to truly understand how herbs work. Herbs are complicated and don’t just do one thing. Each person has a different constitution and a unique symptom picture. A trained herbalist will determine the best combination of herbs that are appropriate to all of the individual’s health issues and make changes accordingly.


What You Can Expect

Meet with herbal practitioner, Judy Henry in person to discuss your case in detail. Judy will analyse your case to find the underlying cause of your health concerns, design a personal protocol for you and develop custom herbal formulas especially for you. With this in depth program, you will work in partnership with Judy as she gently guides you to a more energised and vibrant self.


What You Will Receive

  • personal interview & examination to discuss all of your health issues, medical
    history and to determine the root of your health issues
  • personalized protocol including suggestions for herbs, diet, exercise, etc
  • development of custom herbal formulas
  • follow-up visits to check progress and adjust formulas & protocol as your health


What Judy's Patients Are Saying

For menopausal symptoms (after 2 weeks):
"Excellent - see progress in decline of symptoms already!"

For bladder condition (after 2 weeks):
"Significant improvement in overall health and in specific condition for which I sought consultation."

Gout in fingers ( after 3 months):
"Very positive! Within 2 weeks, it [had] subsided and has not returned since. The boils never appeared this winter and the headaches have, thankfully, become a thing of the past."

"Over a period of 6 months taking the custom tincture, the frequency and length of my periods decreased to near-normal (although my menses have never been regular) and the flow was reduced to normal and lighter amounts. My iron levels returned to normal and stabilized (verified by doctor), fatigue decreased; energy increased."

"Judy took the time to consider and research her recommendations. I appreciated this thoroughness and thoughtfulness. She prepared a custom-formulated tincture mix for my symptoms and made additional diet and lifestyle recommendations."

"Judy was very professional and extremely compassionate. I felt the advice she gave was sound and very helpful."

"I have seen a variety of natural practitioners over the years (naturopaths, osteopaths and homeopaths)I have found my visits with Judy to be very professional, in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, with tremendous results."

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday was the most relaxed and pleasant experience I have ever had with a healer."

If you have health issues that you would like to address or just want information on general health improvement, Judy will gently guide you to better health with suggestions about herbs, diet and lifestyle.


Health Consultations

Judy is currently offering E-Consults only.

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