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Nourishing Herbal Tea Sampler

Nourishing Teas Sampler

Herbal teas and infusions in the nourishing category are an excellent, inexpensive and good-tasting way to provide a solid basis for your nutritional program. They are full of vitamins and minerals vitamins and minerals that the body can actually absorb.

In addition to being highly nutritious, these delicious teas have medicinal properties that heal the body. At the same time, they assist in detoxifying and alkalinizing the body.

Make a different one each day for a wide range of nutrients. We suggest drinking 1-3 cups daily. Nourishing herbal teas are safe and valuable for children, women, men, seniors, cats and dogs.

Excellent nourishing teas to drink daily include: Oatstraw, Nettles, Red Clover, Linden, Raspberry, Comfrey Leaf
Details about each herb.


Nourishing Herbal Tea Sampler

Our Sampler is great way to try out these nourishing herbs!

Sampler contains a trial amount of these herbs:
3 oz Oatstraw
2 oz Nettle Leaf
2 oz Raspberry Leaf
1 oz Red Clover Blossoms

Package price $29.95