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Best Tasting Kelp Flakes


Our Kelp is wildcrafted in the pristine waters from the Canadian west coast and is full of warming sun energy as it is hung out to dry in the open air.

Kelp is full of vitamins and minerals especially calcium and valuable trace minerals. It aids digestion, soothes sore joints, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, expels radiation out of the body and nourishes the thyroid.

Naturally salty, these crispy, dark-green flakes of Kelp are a natural salt substitute and are wonderful to crumble onto your salads, rice, vegetables, in soups, stews, on eggs, in sandwiches and even in your oatmeal. Or you can just snack on them. Excellent!

Benefits of Kelp:

  • very nourishing & tonic herb
  • very high in calcium, iodine, iron & trace minerals
  • very alkalizing
  • strong bones, hair, nails, teeth
  • helps prevent & relieves osteoporosis
  • increases functioning of thyroid
  • strengthens immune & lymphatic systems
  • eases arthritis, rheumatism, sore joints
  • binds & expels radiation and radioactivity out of body
  • removes heavy metals
  • improves digestion & metabolism of fats
  • intestines: healthy balance of intestinal flora, eases constipation, soothes ulcerated colon, colitis
  • provides energy & stamina
  • lowers blood pressure & cholesterol, tones heart muscle, reverses hardening of arteries
  • reduces menopause symptoms
  • anti-fungal

1/2 lb -  $42.00
1 lb  - $78.00