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Jewelweed Spritzer

Poison Ivy! Itchy mosquito bites! Nettle sting!
Our Jewelweed Spritzer solves all of these problems.
It is cooling, soothing and speeds healing of Poison Ivy. Itch from bug bites and sting of Nettles is gone instantly. Just spray it on for instant relief and quick healing.

Make sure you have it on hand in your medicine cabinet!

50 ml spray bottle    $29.95
100 ml refill bottle     $45.00

"Judy's Jewelweed really works! It got me through a very nasty poison ivy episode....highly recommend!!!!!!"

"My son used the Jewelweed on his poison ivy on Wednesday: it's only Friday.
It is now all dried up and he isn't itchy anymore! YAY!!!! Thank you for that :)"