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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: We offer our herbs only on a retail basis.


Q: Do you offer a discount for Practitioners?

A: Yes, we offer our tinctures, oils and vinegars in bulk at special prices for practitioners. Dried herbs are not part of the program.

You must register and to receive the discount, you must use the Practitioner inquiry form and order form. More details are on the Practitioner page on our website.


Q: Do you ship to the United States or Europe?

A: We ship our products only to locations within Canada.


Q: Can I pick up products?

A: We do not have a retail store and are not able to accommodate pickups.


Q: Can I visit the farm?

A: We are a working farm and are not able to accommodate visits.


Q: What does Premium mean on your dried herb page?

A: Premium dried herbs are those that we grow organically on our farm or ethically wildcrafted. We harvest by hand when they are at their peak and carefully dry them. They are absolutely the best you can buy. Our Premium Herbs are very popular and we often run out. It is best to pre-order in April or even earlier if possible and we will try to harvest enough for everyone. We also use the premium herbs to make many of our tinctures, vinegars and infused oils.


Q: What kind of alcohol do you use for your tinctures?

A: We currently use alcohol made from organic cane alcohol.