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Echinacea Full-Spectrum Tincture


Our Echinacea "Full Spectrum" Tincture is made from the beautiful high energy plants that are organically grown in our gardens.

For optimum potency, our tincture is double-extracted. We tincture the leaves and flowers in the summer, when they are in their full glory. We harvest the roots in the fall, when the energy is strongest and add to the same preparation. It’s a lot of extra work, but it’s worth it

Try our tincture. You won’t use any other tincture again.

  • organically grown
  • made with the whole plant
  • includes fresh Echinacea roots, leaves and flowers
  • hand-harvested
  • double-extracted

Take our Echinacea Full Spectrum Tincture at first signs of a cold or infection. It's a must to have on hand in your medicine cabinet!

50 ml $29.95
100 ml $55.00
250 ml $125.00