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14 Day Cleanse

The realities of modern life push our bodies out of balance with nature, inviting disease and robbing us of our rightful vitality and radiant health. To counteract this, it is recommended that we detoxify our bodies once or twice a year. Any time of year is a good time. Spring and fall are ideal times to assist your body to cleanse gently with herbs.

Eat a cleansing diet and add some of these great products to help you with your cleanse.


Burdock Root

Burdock root is an excellent depurative or detoxifying herb. It benefits any chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. These include acne, eczema, psoriasis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Burdock also reduces congestion of the liver and gallbladder, improves digestion and appetite, helps alleviate chronic constipation, and also benefits inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract such as cystitis.

It also helps to reduce lymphatic congestion and swelling of the lymph nodes, and improves general circulation. Overall, burdock benefits both short-term weakness of the immune system and chronic autoimmune conditions.

Burdock Root, dried for tea
Burdock Root tincture


Cleavers Tincture

Excellent for dissolving lymphatic congestion and cleansing the blood. Cleavers helps with weight loss, fibrous breasts, swollen lymph nodes, abscesses, boils and tumours. Excellent for urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder sediment, skin issues and inflammatory condition. Our Cleavers tincture is made with fresh Cleavers in organic alcohol. Click here for more info.


Dandelion Root

Besides being high in micronutrients and phytonutrients like iron, manganese, carotenes, calcium, and potassium, dandelions are also high in inulin.3 As a result of its beneficial effect on gut flora, inulin is often called a PREbiotic.

Dandelion roots support liver health, specifically for liver congested, swollen, gallbladder congested, bile thick, adhesive, gallstone formation, lack of bile secretion, jaundice from back-up bile, constipation from lack of bile in the intestines; anemia from lack of bile production and recycling.

Liver stagnation includes: poor digestion (especially poor fat digestion or absorption), sour belching, estrogen dominance, and excessive PMS symptoms (including bloating, clots, cramping, irregular bowel movements, and excess anger).

If liver Stagnation isn't resolved, it can further evolve into what Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners call Liver Heat. Signs of Liver Heat include: red tongue (especially on the sides of the tongue), headaches behind or around the eyes, dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth, tinnitus, bursts of anger, hot and itchy skin conditions, and dry and red eyes.

Because it improves liver function, dandelion root has rippling benefits for many symptoms associated with poor liver health, including acne, boils, and PMS.

Dandelion useful for arthritis symptoms and has historically been used to support people with cancer in conjunction with Burdock Root.

Dandelion Root, dried for tea
Dandelion tincture


Nourishing Herbal Teas

Remember to add vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll that are easy for the body to assimilate. These herbal teas nourish and detoxify at the same time. Drink 1-2 cups of nourishing teas daily. These wonderful teas are safe to take on a daily basis and include: Nettles, Oatstraw, Red Clover, Linden, Comfrey Leaf Raspberry Leaf. Click here for more info.


Triphala Guggulu Tablets

The addition of Guggulu to the traditional Triphala formula helps scrape out the channels, so is useful for joints and lowering cholesterol. Click here for more info.


Triphala Tablets

Triphala is an ancient formula to help with constipation and detoxification, as well as weight loss. Click here for more info.


Warming Bitters Tonic

A delicious tonic to take before meals. Excellent for liver & stomach, our Warming Bitters Tonic helps digestion, absorption of nutrients & calcium and can help with weight loss. Click here for more info.