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Herbal Apprenticeship


Our experiential program is a unique opportunity for two herbal students to learn more about the plants from herbalist, Judy Henry. This is a true apprentice program where you work directly with the plants in the gardens and processing areas. It’s a great way to add to your book and classroom studies.

This hands-on work program offers the student the opportunity to see the whole herbal season from start to finish and see the plants in all of their stages. Understand what goes on during the herbal year, the timing and best times to harvest and make the medicines.

Deepen your understanding of herbal medicine by working with the plants and the medicine for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. Each month is different.

Learn by doing, as you meet the plants, learn to ID them and take part in numerous aspects of herbal medicine: gardening, harvesting, drying, making herbal preparations and more.

Experience the life of a herbalist and open your eyes to a new way of seeing and living.


What Previous Apprentices Have To Say


“The experience of being in the apprenticeship program with Judy Henry is like no other.

Every day on the program, you have direct contact with the herbs in a myriad of forms: from the plant itself still in the ground, to the freshly harvested herb, to the dried herb and to the herb that has soaked in oils/vinegars/alcohol. Along with this, you become actively involved in the identification, in the harvesting and weeding, in the preparation of the herb for drying or tinctures/oils/vinegars. You become intimately familiar with the nature of the herbs through the seasons from spring to fall and learn of its peak harvesting times.

Judy wonderfully supplements this sharing of knowledge with her own spiritual teachings of the herbs that makes one gain a further appreciation of the plants and their role on earth as well as our relationship to them. She guides you through the daily activities in a structured manner while providing you with space and time to foster your own experience and learning of the plants. Throughout the program, all of your senses are engaged in the learning: from sight, smell, touch, sound and taste which goes above and beyond any learning that can come from books.”

“My apprenticeship with Judy was truly a wonderful and enlightening experience. Judy opened my world to new possibilities and experiences, the world of connecting, understanding and living with herbs.

Her kind, warm, gentle approach and connection with her family of herbs was nothing short of fascinating to witness and learn. She has a nurturing approach when sharing her experiences and connection with the herbal world. Throughout my apprenticeship Judy generously shared memorable and insightful information that I will take with me throughout my journey in the herbal world.

In order to learn about the special relationship with herbs and their many gifts of healing, I came in with an open mind and willingness to study as it is and will be a continuous journeymof learning and growing.

Judy is open and committed to your learning experience, graciously sharing the knowledge and experiences she has to offer. Make sure to ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more you learn!

A great deal of material was covered during the apprenticeship. Judy has many wonderful gardens in which to see the beautiful, medicinal herbs she grows. There were also field trips which provided even further learning opportunities.

I learned about respecting and approaching herbs and flowers, how to connect with them, how to listen to them and accept their gifts of medicine in order to form my own individual relationship with them.

I greatly enjoyed the experience of meeting with, working with, harvesting and preparing herbal remedies. I learned how to identify herbs during the different stages of their growth, their seasons and the best times to harvest and prepare them into remedies.

There is no better experience that to learn how to connect with herbs and how to listen to them. What better experience could a person ask for!

This was an experience of a life-time!”



Apprentice Basic Requirements

  • must have a love of plants and learning
  • be eager to work and to learn
  • time commitment: 6 month program 2 full days a month
  • have 3- 6 hours between sessions to work on notes, homework and practise what you learned and to complete assignments
  • be healthy and physically able to handle digging and lifting
  • have gardening experience in their own garden and/or be studying herbal medicine
  • have a keen interest in herbs, holistic health, organic growing, sustainability and the environment
  • must be reliable, responsible, prompt and have a professional manner
  • be self-reliant for transportation (there is no bus service)

Learning to be a herbalist takes years and years of training. Your learning experience here will depend on the amount of energy you put into it. It is expected that each apprentice spend 3-6 hours or more in between sessions on herbal endeavours.


2018 Dates

12 full days with Judy over a 6 month period
Wednesday, May 2 Wednesday, July 25
Wednesday, May 16 Wednesday, August 8
Wednesday, May 30 Wednesday, August 22
Wednesday, June 13 Wednesday, September 19
Wednesday, June 27 Wednesday, October 3
Wednesday, July 11 Wednesday, October 17

Apprentice Times

8:30 am to 4:00 pm (earlier start in the warmer months)



$775 (plus HST)


To Apply For This Unique Opportunity:

1. Make sure you have all the basic requirements as listed above
2. Request current year details and application.
3. Before the end of February, send a letter indicating why we should choose you along with your completed application to:

Judy’s Organic Herbs
Six Month AA Program
PO Box 258
Woodlawn ON K0A 3M0

4. Interviews will be held in March.