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Herbal Resources Directory - Canada

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Promote your herbal business, school, clinic or association in our Canadian Herbal Resources Directory. You may list in more than one category.

Categories include:

  • Herbal Sales, Bulk Herbs, Tinctures, etc,
  • Herbal Nurseries & Plant Sales
  • Practitioners
  • Lyme Disease Practitioners (listed on our Lyme Disease page)
  • Herbal Education
  • Herbal Associations


Whe We Are

Judy's Organic Herbs has earned a solid reputation for providing a large variety of high quality herbs, health products, consultations and apprenticeships to Canadians for over 23 years.

We are currently not offering online sales and our many loyal clients have asked us where they can now get their high quality herbs here in Canada. So we decided to create this directory.



Judy’s Organic Herbs has gained a large following over the decades and retains a vibrant online presence. We anticipate that will continue to grow, as folks check out the directory:


Electronic Coverage

Website Hits - approximately 900 per month
Newsletter - over 1430 subscribers
FaceBook - over 800 likes



All listings include link to your website.


Option #1 - Basic Listing*

1. Online presence on Judy's well-established website, 24 hours a day, with a link to your site.

2. Announcement about the Herbal Resources Directory in Judy's E-newsletter (approximately 1430 subscribers)

3. Announcement about the Herbal Resources Directory on Judy's Face Book page (approximately 800 subscribers)

Basic Listing
1 year $99 (per listing)

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Option #2 - Deluxe Listing*

Basic Listing (as above)


Submit an article that you write about something herbal in our e-newsletter (over 1400 subscribers) with your contact info and a link to your website at the end of the article. What a great opportunity to share some of your herbal wisdom and let folks know more about what you do! !

Deluxe Listing
1 year $149 (per listing)

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Display Ad Package

Display Ad that you design with a link to your website.*


Free Deluxe Listing in Herbal Resources Directory on the website ($149 value)

Display Ad Specifications:
landscape orientation

Optional: graphic design assistance, available separately with our web designer and consultant (additional design fees apply)

Display Ad Package
1 year $499

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*We reserve the right to review and/or refuse any listing or article.
**Newsletter will be sent out quarterly, more often if, volumes warrant.


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