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About Judy's Organic Herbs

Judy Henry, owner of Judy's Organics

Our 24-acre organic herb farm is a jewel nestled in the historic Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. This peaceful haven is diverse with beautiful cultivated gardens and fields plus meadows, forest and wetlands. It's an amazing treasure of flora, fauna and medicinal herbs.

Judy and her apprentices lovingly nurture a large variety of organically-grown, medicinal herbs in our beautiful gardens. We are particularly proud of our amazingly beautiful and potent Premium Red Clover, Yarrow and Calendula Blossoms. They are simply the best anywhere!

In addition, many herbs are collected from the abundance in the wild areas. The plants are transformed into full-spectrum medicines which are full of spirit energy. These vibrant herbal preparations are available by mail order and at herb events and workshops.

At Judy's Organic Herbs, we are committed to organic/wildcrafted herbs which have been harvested with honour to the plants and respect to the planet. We also bring in herbs and herbal products from other reliable sources. Organic is always our first choice, but when it's not available, we provide the best quality herbs possible. Our herbs are not genetically engineered and are never irradiated.herbs.

We take great pride in being able to offer the best quality products available and in providing excellent customer service. Products are mailed directly to your office or home. High quality herbs, great prices and convenience!

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We appreciate your comments, so pleasedrop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Green Blessings and Good Health!


Here are some comments from happy customers:

“I received the herbs in the mail this morning. They are amazing!! Thank you again for your help.”- Julia B

“Without fail, all the products have proven to be superior to anything offered by our other local suppliers.” - Bette H

“I am SO impressed with herbs I received from you. I usually buy from a herb store in our home town and they are reputed to be top quality herb suppliers, but compared to your stuff their herbs are as good as dead!

Not only do your herbs look good, but they are so incredibly potent! If I use the same amount of herbs that I usually use but yours instead of theirs I get about double the yield of tea at the same concentration!” - Ilana G